Winter Skin Products to Simplify your Routine, Make your Face Feel Refreshed

Winter Skin Products to Simplify your Routine, Make your Face Feel Refreshed

Old man winter isn’t always kind to our skin. The harsh winds and freezing temperatures can cause some pretty severe damage to our most delicate organ – the outer layer of skin that protects us from the elements. Combine the wind and temperatures with some moisture and real damage can be done. However, taking care of your skin in the winter doesn’t have to be cumbersome. Using the correct winter skin products to simplify your routine can make your face and skin feel refreshed and leave you glowing.

Rely on Cutting Edge Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is everywhere on the skincare market. However, one HA sets itself apart from the rest. Our unique, all-natural topical hyaluronic acid (HA) formula, Glysyn® Hyaluronan, has been trademarked since 2011 as a molecularly optimized formula for maximum hydration and moisture absorption.

For the skin to benefit from topical use of HA, the molecule must be readily available for the skin to absorb. High molecular weight hyaluronic acid is not small enough for absorption and so lays on top of the skin without being absorbed. Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid on the other hand is absorbed easily by the skin and penetrates deeper. Specifically, Glysyn Hyaluronan is tailored at the molecular level for topical application and optimized for transdermal delivery and absorption.

HyaGlo® Offers Ideal Winter Skin Products

Now that you are more familiar with Glysyn Hyaluronan, you are probably wondering who makes products with such a clean skincare ingredient? Well, HyaGlo®, a Kentucky-based company, makes hyaluronic acid skincare products. These products are ideal for your winter skincare routine.

HyaGlo is a line of skincare products made with the highest quality ingredients including the trademarked Glysyn Hyaluronan. HyaGlo products resolve the root cause of skin dryness instead of only addressing its side effects. Formulated by women in science, all HyaGlo products feature all-natural, effective ingredients for fast, deep hydration and maximum results. We believe that the best solutions are often the simplest - clean, effective ingredients that leave skin looking healthy, plump and hydrated.

HyaGlo® Hydrating Serum

HyaGlo® Hydrating Serum is a hyaluronic acid serum that was the first in the HyaGlo line and our most popular seller. This Hydrating Serum is going to turn into your favorite winter skin product, after using it just a few weeks! Its key benefits include:

  • Replenishes skin hydration.
  • Alleviates fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Improves skin smoothness.

Apply Hydrating Serum directly to the skin, resulting in beautiful, deeply hydrated skin with optimal firmness. Achieve plump, glowing and noticeably smoother skin by hydrating on a deeper level in seconds with HyaGlo Hydrating Serum. For the best results, apply twice daily after washing your face.

HyaGlo® Facial Mist

Made with cucumber extract, this trademarked hyaluronic acid Facial Mist delivers hydration deeply into the skin. Cucumber extract provides soothing and cooling effects, making it particularly beneficial for those with sensitive or irritated skin. Cucumber is a popular ingredient in skincare because it has been used for decades to address common skin concerns like hydration, aging and inflammation. It is well-known as a superfood for the skin.

The HyaGlo Facial Mist is loaded with antioxidants, which help fight oxidative damage caused by free radicals. They are also rich in vitamin C, caffeic acid, and folic acid. These can help to brighten skin, help increase collagen production and defend against premature aging of the skin – all part of the winter weather. The cooling and anti-inflammatory effect of cucumbers may also help ease pain, redness and irritation caused by sunburn and windburn.

Get Both Winter Skin Products in our Winter Gift Set!

For a limited time, we are offering these two great hyaluronic acid products for your winter skin routine in our limited-edition Winter Gift Set. You will receive the HyaGlo Hydrating Serum, HyaGlo Facial Mist, a HyaGlo head band and a mystery gift, all for one low price. Both products are full size. This is a great way to try products you might have read or heard about at a great price.

The facial mist works great as a makeup setting spray or refreshing midday lift. Remember, all HyaGlo products are research-proven, vegan friendly, odorless, colorless, cruelty-free, paraben free and non-GMO.

Learn More about HyaGlo or Get your Winter Skin Products Today!

The Hydrating Serum and Facial Mist are just half of the great products that HyaGlo make with HA technology. Learn more about our best winter skin products, like moisturizer and clarifying serum, too.

If you are ready to add any of these products to your winter skin care routine, you can! Purchase products online. Or you can search for a retail outlet near you.

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